Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jee happy to be single again

KUALA LUMPUR: Now that it is out of the bag – that she is divorced from businessman Johan Indot – Fauziah Latiff says she feels a sense of calm and just wants to get on with life as a single woman and a single mother.

“And, I am so grateful to my family and friends for being there with me all this while,” the popular singer and panel critic of talent search show Akademi Fantasia told mStar, the Malay news portal of The Star.

Better known as Jee, the mother of two said she and Johan were divorced three months ago, adding that they both had tried hard to save the 10-year marriage.

“That is enough. I have to take care of the feelings of many parties. Furthermore, we separated in an amicable way.”

The pair were married in London on June 19, 1997 and have two boys – Jeffri Joaquim Indot, eight, and Jeremy Jay Indot, six.

It is Jee’s second divorce, following a failed marriage to Syed Budriz Putra Syed Amir Zainal Abidin Jamalullail in 1992.

The glamorous star, well-known for her hit tunes Teratai di Tasik Madu and Kau Merubah Segalanya, among others, said: “At this juncture, I just want to focus on my career.

“I am now busy choosing songs for my new album. I hope my fans can accept me as I am.”

Expressing hope that her children will lead a normal life despite their parents living apart now, she added:

“We will raise them together and give them unconditional love. They are our priority.

“Furthermore, Johan and I are still good friends.

“It’s sad but sacrifices have to be made. There is no need for me to go into the details. People see only from the outside.”

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Source : The Star

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